Sunday, April 4, 2010

0001 - You Mean Everything to Nothing

Have a lot more to mention today than usual.

1 -

2 - With little build up, but hopefully much follow through. Today is the first day of Daily Drawing. I'll be drawing something and posting every day, ideally for a year, hopefully at least through the summer, realistically... well, who knows.
Tell your friends.

3 - This image specifically, I worked on here and there this past week. I finished it today just in time to post it as the first image. I think this band is amazing and I had the pleasure of seeing them live not long ago, so I was inspired to do a little free form painting of them. They're called Manchester Orchestra, whom you should check out before you even finish this sentence.
Wow, you fail.

P.S. Most of the following drawings definitely won't be this finished.

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  1. Like Very much. Gotta live the textures and washes. Good work ; )