Thursday, April 29, 2010

0026 - I Get World Sick

Took things easy today - art-wise, anyway. Partly due to the fact that I've been working since 3, partly due to this cold I've been fighting for almost a week, so I can't get out of bed until about noon.
So basically that means I haven't been multitasking art projects for myself (my daily post, larger art works, and my comic). As much as 'taking it easy' sounds fine, in my head I just keep thinking I need to continue working and I'm falling behind.
Not enough hours in the day really.
Need to kick this cold first though.

1 comment:

  1. a few things:
    1) i like your sketch, gives me a sci-fi vibe
    2) love new broken social scene
    3) i prescribe lots of reading in bed with soup followed by wonderful naps for cold-kicking. feel better :)