Saturday, April 10, 2010

0007 - Compared Your Jesus to a Thief

So I spent my morning at a funeral.

This is an image of my cousin looking down at the grave of his twin daughters. He and his wife had been trying for a long time to get pregnant, they did, and then they lost the them six months in.

I don't know what the ethics of taking a photograph at a funeral is, but I saw this moment and decided I wanted to draw it. I felt rude taking the photo, which I guess I was.

I suppose people want to only remember the good times, no one wants photographs reminding them of the hard things they had to go through. Except, I find that this would be something I'd want to remember. I'd want to remember that for one brief hour, I was a parent to two little girls, as much as it hurt to be so. And from what I saw, there was a lot of hurt.

My dad used to tell me the worst thing a parent can go through is burying their children. I don't believe he was wrong.

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